Spatial audio processing: MPEG Surround and other applications

J. Breebaart and C. Faller

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, UK

Keywords: Spatial psychophysics; Binaural hearing; Spatial audio coding; Binaural cue coding; Multi-channel audio; 5.1; MPEG; Surround sound; Parametric Stereo, Spatial Audio Object Coding; Binaural rendering; HRTF; 3D audio

ISBN 978-0-470-03350-0 (2007); 232 pages

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Psychological and Psychophysical Base of Auditory Function

J. Breebaart, A.J.M. Houtsma, A. Kohlrausch,
V.F. Prijs, R. Schoonhoven [Eds]

Publisher: Shaker publishing, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Keywords: Auditory Physiology; Auditory psychophysics; Perception; Auditory models; Pitch; Spatial hearing; Binaural hearing; Temporal resolution; frequency selectivity; Otoacoustic emissions; Auditory feature detection

ISBN 90-423-0115-5 (2001); 500 pages

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Modeling binaural signal detection

J. Breebaart

Publisher: Technical University Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Keywords: Auditory psychophysics; Binaural hearing; Spatial hearing; Masking; Masking Level Difference; BMLD; Auditory models

ISBN 90-386-0963-9 (2001); 196 pages

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